The Team - Jason Newburg

Jason Newburg - Pilot and Technician

Pilot and Technician

Jason Newburg is an extreme aerobatic pilot who loves to share his high energy performances with airshows audiences around the country. He keeps Viper spectators on the edge of their seats and leaves them begging for more. Inspired by his father, Jason had his first solo flight at 16 and by 17, he earned his pilot license.

Having started so young, Jason finds it very important to be a leader to the youth who share an interest in aviation and aerobatics. He has acted as Vice President for the Embry-Riddle Sport Aviation Club for many years.

After receiving his FAA Aircraft Mechanic license (A+P) with his FAA Inspection Authorization, Jason formed his own company in Dallas, Texas. He modifies and maintains aircraft using the skills that were instrumental in the creation of the Viper.

Jason has been granted by the FAA and ICAS as unlimited, unrestricted airshow authorization. He has competed en a number id events, and has competed at the advanced level since 2003. In 2006, Viper took his talent to Sweden to compete in the Advanced Aerobatic World Championship. He has also competed in the Reno Air Races, and in 2012 he competed in the Lonestar Aerobatic Championship and earned himself the title of Lonestar Unlimited Champion.